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BFC Media is a media & digital independent publishing house based in Milan and specialized in personal business and financial products, from personal finance management to asset management, service distribution and lifestyle. Founded in 1995 by Denis Masetti, now chairman and main shareholder, Blue Financial Communication is listed on the AIM Italy Stock Exchange since 2015 and has developed a variety of contents published both in printed and online platforms.

Today BFC Media is the leading company in Italy for financial and personal media with BLUERATING, PRIVATE, FORBES ITALIA, ASSET CLASS and COSMO, together with the two digital platforms Gooruf and Blueadvisor. Moreover, BFC controls ITE (Investments and Trading Events), a company which organizes ITForum, the most important Italian event focused on trading and investments. In 2018 acquires FinanzaOperativa.com and launches BlueAcademy. In June 2019 launches the new 100% Business News television, available on its owned OTT platform Bfcvideo.com and both on SKY Channel 511 and TiVùSat 61. In July 2019 acquires 50,01% of Gruppo B publishing house with a view to developing new businesses within the New Space Economy. In September 2019 launches new brand BFC Media, grouping together its different publishing divisions. In October 2019 first issue of COSMO magazine, published by BFC Space division. By the end of 2019 launch of first podcasts signed by BFC Voice, from Milan production studios, and BFC Education, a new division focused on multiplatform financial education.

In May 2020 BFC Media has launched the new BIKE project, its first fully integrated communication system (tv, web, magazine) devoted to smart mobility topic. A great opportunity, innovative and fun, to start discovering tomorrow’s cities, dive into Italian country’s beauty and finally live a truly responsible experience, more and more green and free, heading to a shiny smart future. BIKE, the pleasure to live on the move, since July 2020, is also a quarterly paper magazine. First issue, Summer 2020 edition, has been supplemented for free together with Forbes Italia July edition. At the same time BFC Media founded Equos, 100% owned company, with a view to create and develop editorial synergies within the horse racing world starting with the relaunch of TROTTO&TURF, a magazine published three times a week (first new issue June 2ndwith a 64 page total pagination).

In December was launched Venture Studio at Le Village by Credit Agricole in Milan, start-up enabler linked to the Group.


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