Kalliopi Spyridaki

Chief Privacy Strategist – Legal Compliance & Public Policy at SAS


Kalliopi Spyridaki is Chief Privacy Strategist at SAS, the leader in data analytics. She joined SAS in 2007. In her role today, Kalliopi focuses on public policy and privacy compliance in Europe and the Asia Pacific. 

Kalliopi works with regulators and policymakers to help shape laws and government policies related to data and artificial intelligence that impact SAS and its customers. She also assists with SAS’s privacy compliance program aiming to ensure that SAS remains at the forefront of global privacy requirements.

She feels the most intriguing part of her work is striving to bridge the gaps between the making of a law, its implementation and the rapid pace of technology evolution with its transformative power for business and our society. Kalliopi has lived in Brussels since 2002. She speaks four languages and is a member of the Athens Bar Association.

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